Thursday, December 8, 2011

handsome thanks

Thank you to Hanneke for her post on Handsomethings....she has a wonderful blog that is a great daily read.

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Friday, December 2, 2011


It's amazing how when there is something you wish for, but can't have yet, you see it everywhere.  This simple elegance is right up alley...There are so many wonderful features about this apartment that are not easily found in my part of the world: the herringbone floors, pressed ceilings, the generous timber framed doorways and old light switches.  Home to creative guru Wolfgang Behnken, this is certainly an apartment I would not mind coming home to.

Photos by Marc Seelen,

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

atelier mecanic

Embracing the spirit of recycling, industrial pieces are mixed with vintage finds in this eclectic mix which is ATELIER MECANIC.  Romanian architect, Corvin Cristian is the creative behind this project.  He draws from the industrial past rescuing objects from the scrapyard that had been long discarded.  Items are poetically grouped, restoring their long lost glory.  The photos are so beautiful that I loaded a whole lot of them.  Read more here

Photos by Corvin Cristian and Cosmin Dragomir

arizona remodelled

I would love to buy an old house and renovate it, so much so that I have spent a large part of the last few weekends looking through property adverts, but sadly at the moment this is not to be.  I did however find this great remodel in Tucson, Arizona.  According to Ibarra Rosano 'Space is the focus of our work. It is less about form and more about the energy and spirit of a space. We always look for the way to the greatest transformation with the fewest strokes – a design Haiku. The approach was one of simplification and amplification.With a few major changes (demolishing a large central fire place) and a lot of sass, Ibarra Rosano Design Architects have created this great home.  I just wish they had put before photos up.  You can read about it here

 Photography by Bill Timmerman

Monday, November 28, 2011


If only there were more clients like these!  This villa in Flanders, Belgium, was designed by Beel and Achtergael Architects for a client who wanted privacy and a space to exhibit their art collection.  The house turns away from the busy street and flows out into a central courtyard that encloses the swimming pool.  A glass curtain walls runs around the perimeter of the courtyard, framed by piloti and broad swathes of white plaster, giving elegant lines to this slender building.  The roof line is broken by steps in levels and recesses.  Furnished only in white, the house becomes a backdrop for the families activities.  A contemporary evolution from the 1920's pavilion, this would be a wonderful space to come home to every day.  

photography by Filip Dujardin 

Friday, November 25, 2011

limited edition

Here they are!  I am very excited about these Christmas cards from which are now available.  Contact me to get yours now...

the clouds

This ceiling installation in Tsujita restaurant was designed using thousands of wooden sticks.  Using the focal length of the eye as a guide to calculate the stick placements and lengths, Takeshi Sano created his cloud sculpture.  This concept could be applied to different surfaces with colour variations as alternatives....

More here. Photos by Nacasa and Partners

Anton House

I love the simplicity of the concept for Anton House, which would be perfect as a weekend retreat.  Stripped bare of non-essentials, floor to ceiling openings allow for uninterrupted views across the vineyards.  When the large sliding shutters are pushed back the structure simply encloses the spaces within, without removing the occupants from the landscape surrounding them.  Designed by Javier de Anton Freile from Spain,  his concrete rectangle would be great as a studio or pavilion too.

More images here . Photos by Esau Acosta

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

stone flooring

These images are of a beautiful stone convent in Spain that was recently refurbished by a3gm architects.  The enchanting stone passageways are cast in deep shadow by wooden doorways and soft natural lighting.  There is a certain silence and contemplation contained within these spaces, appropriate to their purpose. A new layer of faceted stone flooring has been laid unobtrusively onto the old, its crispness contrasting with the texture and patina of the original.

Images via archdaily

Monday, October 31, 2011

festive project

I'm off on a last minute flight this eve to the actual josephine road, but I though I'd share a taste of a project that I have been busy with.  These limited edition cards, designed and crafted by kaad, will be available spread the festive cheer... 

Thursday, October 20, 2011


The studio of Danish artist Tenka Gammelgaard is styled in black and white, reflecting her personality and work.  What an inspirational space!

Images via Moss and Tenka