Thursday, February 17, 2011

Griffins Steakhouse Extraordinaire

The Griffins Steakhouse Extraordinaire stirs up nostalgia for a bygone era.  The burlesque grandeur and rich colours, give this restaurant its intoxicating atmosphere of travel and glamour.  Designed by Gothenburg based Stylt, they are responsible for many high profile restaurant interiors in Europe.  The eclectic setting with its vintage furnishings and collections of intimate objects, represents the personality of the imaginary host couple, The Griffins. This opulent experience is on my to-do list for my next to to Stockholm.
Photos via Stylt


This whimsical office is by the Ukranian architect, Sergey Makhno.  The play of colour and contrast of soft vs hard, round vs angular give this light-hearted atmosphere.  Many of the distinctive furniture pieces are designed by Makhno.  A blue day here, is a good day.
Photos via the cool hunter

9th street apartment

This contemporary living space in NYC has been transformed from an original unforgiving store front, into a crisp spacious apartment.  The limited windows and light have been overcome by reflective surfaces and generous use of white.  The dark contrasting floor has been given a strong shine, bouncing reflections of walls and light around the room.  This space has echo's of gallery living, where designer furniture pieces are on display within its walls.
Architect Messana O'Rorke
Photos by ELizabethFelicella


Monday, February 14, 2011

Architectural photography

This gracefully disintegrating image is from a collection by photographer David Trippy documenting the urban decay of parts of Gary Indiana. I couldn't help but post at least one here.  His new book, Gary Indiana - A city's ruin is on my wishlist.  For more of his work click here.

White mountain

At first glance this white man-made box seems completely at odds with its context, but deeper scrutiny reveals the fissures and caverns that sculpt this structure.  The play of overhangs and diagonals make it a simplified gleaming copy of the mountainside on which it sits.  The simple outlines of the exterior give no hint of the carved rooms within its core.  This house on the castle mountainside in Spain was designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos.  Photos by Fernando Alda.

Vertical motion...

I love this photo sequence of the vertical circulation by photographer Amit Geron of Hezelia Home in Israel by Pitzo Kedem Architects.

For the full project feature via arch daily click here..

Gallery on Bowery

The Sperone Westwater Gallery is another interesting lantern just the block from the New Museum for Contemporary Art on Bowery, New York.  'Foster + partners concept for the Gallery is both a response to the dynamic urban character of the neighbourhood and a desire to rethink the way in which the public engages with art in the setting of a gallery'. The lower 5 floors are connected by a moving room, which is an original approach to vertical movement within a gallery building.  This animated box is part of a bold initiative to reinvigorate the neighborhood.

These great architectural photos are taken by Nigel Young

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hotel Amangiri

Since I seem to be on a hotel theme lately...I had to include one of my favourites at the moment.  The Hotel Amangiri in southern Utah, is a spectacularly understated desert retreat.  This remote setting of mountains, sand, sky and sun is complimented by the simple tranquillity of the spaces created.  Unpretentious masses of concrete and sandstone are carved out of this spectacular space to create courtyards and rectangular pools.  

The buildings integrate seamlessly into the surroundings, discreetly enclosing their inhabitants.  The geometry of the spaces provides shading and privacy.  The modest contemporary interiors allow the visitors to focus on the landscape, framed by the walls of each space.  

The architects behind this creation are Rick Joy, Wendell Bunette and Marwan Al-Sayed. 
Photos by Joe Fletcher

Le Royal Monceau

One of Philippe Starck's latest project, Le Royal Monceau in Paris is a classic.  The luxe-chic interiors exude understated Parisian style.  The provocative use of red, mixture of  lustrous contemporary and vintage provide a glossy backdrop to the hotel.  Committed to art, the hotel boasts its own gallery, the Art district, a bookshop and a blog called Art for breakfast.  Its worth a visit to the hotel's website to see the creative illustrations and visual branding...definitely not your usually stuffy here.  With its historic past and excellent street address, it is already said to be the place to be seen.

 Pictures via the cool hunter

Xiao-Yen House

This contemporary home in San Francisco, was renovated to include this penthouse with beautiful panoramic views of the sky and city. The penthouse, like icing on the top of a cake, is the sweetest part of the house.  Finished in steel and glass it is in warm contrast to the steel box below. 

The exterior façade is enclosed in steel sheeting, visually linking to the steel exo-skeleton which reinforces the house against seismic movement.  Craig Steely Architecture's brief included a sod roof and solar panels, which make this project 'green' as well as beautiful.  

Photos by Bruce Damonte