Friday, February 4, 2011

Desert cubes

Set in the middle of a windswept lunar landscape are these simple cubes.  The serenely understated materials and crisp geometry of the boxes, are in contrast to the arid agricultural lands of southern Spain's Navarra province.  This hotel in an unlikely setting, is in graceful contrast to nature.  The formation of pavilions and courtyards shelter the visitors from the harsh dust and wind.  

Simplicity is key to this project; forms, lines, materials and prefabricated construction methods collectively contribute to its refined result.  'Habitable windows' give soul to the cubes, both reflecting and drawing in the landscape, so balancing the rough world outside. 

The Hotel Aire de Bardenas,by architects Emilian Lopez and Monica Rivera, is a Cinderella story in the Spanish tourism industry.  Young clients with almost no money or experience of the business, and a remote site, have developed this idea into a successful reality.
Photos by Jose Hevia

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