Monday, February 7, 2011

Hotel Amangiri

Since I seem to be on a hotel theme lately...I had to include one of my favourites at the moment.  The Hotel Amangiri in southern Utah, is a spectacularly understated desert retreat.  This remote setting of mountains, sand, sky and sun is complimented by the simple tranquillity of the spaces created.  Unpretentious masses of concrete and sandstone are carved out of this spectacular space to create courtyards and rectangular pools.  

The buildings integrate seamlessly into the surroundings, discreetly enclosing their inhabitants.  The geometry of the spaces provides shading and privacy.  The modest contemporary interiors allow the visitors to focus on the landscape, framed by the walls of each space.  

The architects behind this creation are Rick Joy, Wendell Bunette and Marwan Al-Sayed. 
Photos by Joe Fletcher


  1. I would so love to go there.....but it looks hot!

  2. that hotel looks so nice i already found it in a vogue living and would love to stay there someday, thank you for more pictures i did not see ..