Thursday, March 17, 2011

Industrial Lighting...

 I discovered these fabulous fittings today while searching for pendants.  Benjamin Hubert has been internationally awarded for his original designs and is in high demand.  Trained in industrial design and technology, his studio produces a range of creations from furniture to decorative objects.  Here are a selection of his lights that are wonderfully simple and made of novel materials not usually associated with lighting.  Click here to see more photos on his website including the manufacture process, where cork, concrete and clay are moulded into shape.  And what's more they are available in SA!

Photos via Benjamin Hubert Studio 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Melidas House

We've all designed our dream homes, well mentally that is anyway, on those quiet days when the imagination dominates.  Seeing this crisp simple rectangle in Spain by Pedro Reis, it is as though my daydreaming has been brought to life.  Composed of perpendicular rectangles that are stacked upon each other, the private rooms are buried in the hillside with the public spaces exposed.  Surface treatment further split this programme into the 'exuberant and the intimate'.  The lower, earth coloured box anchors the private spaces into the hillside, while the upper transparent box has large openings that connect with the surrounding countryside.  Dream away...  

Photos by Fernando and Sergio Guerra FG +SG

Hotel Nobis

Always a fan of the Swedish Claesson Koivisto Rune, Hotel Nobis in Stockholm does not disappoint.  Each space has been given its own personal character, that involves more thought than merely working with a colour scheme and furniture repetition.  This attention to detail and contrast of textures, tones and reflections results in this wonderful collection of grand spaces.  A large number of the furniture designs, textiles and lamps were custom developed for the hotel.  The light fittings are really spectacular.  The subdued warm colour scheme and light design is referred to by CKR as Scandinavian dark blonde...and it gets two thumbs up from this blonde.
Photos by  Ake E: Son Lindman