Saturday, August 13, 2011

Las palmeras

Another great work by Javier Artadi...I enjoy looking through his work so much that I had to restrain myself and only post two of his projects up now.  Las palmeras is a beach house by the Peruvian architect that uses the contrast of a stone block and a white cube to integrate the beach house into the hillside behind and sky above.  These layers also reference the internal hierachy of the house that is arrange in ascending order from services to private areas to the entertainment space with framed views of the sea..  To see more click here.

Photos by Elsa Ramirez

La Encantanda

I was fortunate enough to attend a lecture day last week where Javier Artadi personally presented some of his 'desert cubes' as he calls them, with some help from his translator.  I love his work.  His pure cubes and crisp edges are taken from traditional Peruvian architecture, and given a whitewash to bring them into contemporary design.  La Encantada is a minimalist house, where the roof plane is folded to give a generous double volume that forms the spine of the house, while the continuation of this folded plane into the ground floor roof slab draws the garden uninterrupted into the main living area.  To see more of Artadi's work click here.  
Photos by Elsa Ramirez