Wednesday, February 29, 2012

mid week already

I seem to have woken up and its Wednesday already...its been a busy one, I can't keep up with how fast the weeks are going this year.  Its March tomorrow, can you believe it?  I'm a bit behind on my posts, but here is Monday's post...a quirky original lamp, elegantly draped.  Love the yellow stool too.

Found  here 

Friday, February 24, 2012

rediscover pretoria

I was very excited to be asked to design the branding for this project by Matt Blackmore (what a guy with a great idea!).  To quote him "There is so much right in front of our eyes, in our own backyard that is waiting to be rediscovered. We have lived and grown up right here in the capital city, but how much of it do we go out and experience? Rediscover Pretoria dares us to go out and find the parts of our own city that are waiting for us to come and experience."  The images below are for the limited edition passports that will be given out to the group.   The stayed images of Paul Kruger and Chief Tshwane have been given a refresh, with a touch of humour, relevant to current day interests.  Now affectionately know as Oom Paul and Oom Tshwane.  Visit their Rediscover Pretoria's blog here to find out more.  Here's to rediscovery!



This home of brand consultant Todd Waterbury is aligned and ordered.  Not a book is out of place.  In an ideal world I  would love to live like this, but even though I consider myself neat, I would find it difficult to keep this up on a daily basis.  Great images by Trevor Tondro for the New York Times, via Emma.

du verre maron

Keeping to one colour, whilst mixing different shapes, sizes and vintages of objects together is always a hit.  These clusters of bottles evoke an old world charm, and would warm any space of a home.  I love the blue bottle sitting quietly between its neighbours, simple yet striking.   Found via Anna

Thursday, February 23, 2012

city life

While I have a huge love for the countryside and the tranquillity it brings, I have come to realise lately that I'm a city girl at heart and can't survive too long without the bustle and variety it harbours.  Yes, I love my beach and country vacations and wish there was time for more of these, but when it comes to the crunch I love the frenetic pace, coffee stops, convenience and on-your-doorstep life more.  As long I can find myself a small garden with a big tree under which to rest, I'm happy.  From there life is good when you can retreat from the city to this sanctuary.  I often miss the time we spent in NYC and long to be back in a large northern hemisphere city.  These photos I took are a warm reminder of good times there, studying, visiting galleries, catching trains, driving the pontiac, walking the streets, negotiating the bread isle of the stop'nshop and sipping on starbucs.  City love.

oh yes...

Monday, February 20, 2012

ceramics aside

One of the projects that I'm not getting to spend as much time on as I'd intended to this year, is ceramics.  Though  not completely my fault, I'm determined to try and get this one on the go.  These might just be the motivation I'm in need of.  Now just to decide which work I'll put on the backburner so that I can find the extra time in my day to take care of this...

Found here

vintage monday

My love for vintage and contemporary is like that of two children, different in character but my affection for them both is equal, complete and undeniable.  I could write a paragraph on each of the items that have inspired me here.    There is a certain delicate detailing to many of the pieces below.  Heritage is fascinating, looking back at where we came from, and what influences helped us on our way to where we are today.                                                                                                          
 All found via Sanctuary

Friday, February 17, 2012

a good afternoon

A few good images to lead up to the weekend.  All by the talented fashion designed and stylist Irina Graewe.  Found via Number 19 and Irina Gaewe

shadow house

An interesting combination of finishes and textures, give this house its gritty feel.  Urban industrial, with a distinctly London edge, its refreshing to see an original contemporary design that is not following any trends, but making its own way.

Found here 
Photos by Tom Gildon and Keith Collie

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

dishcloth envy

I never knew how special a dish cloth could be until I was educated in their beauty by Mia of Number 19.  Now I have developed a sort of obsession with them, these are good enough to frame.  Below are a few of her latest range and I had a hard time choosing my favourites, click here for the full range.  Locally designed and produced, this is great home-grown talent.  These come from the same stable as dear love, and i'm proud to say that we own a couple of her friends now too.   I can't wait to see what she makes next!

south american sibling

The sexy sibling to the south american,  this house has had a once-over of sophistication.  A bit lighter and larger, this beach house has a similar language of stone, timber, grids and bold horizontals, but gathers them together to in a new vocabulary.  This design is another by the talented Elias Rizo Arquitectos.  I have added a few more photos than usual for your visual delight.  I can almost feel the sea air blowing across my face, she is a beauty.  

found here
Photos by Marcos Garcia