Thursday, February 23, 2012

city life

While I have a huge love for the countryside and the tranquillity it brings, I have come to realise lately that I'm a city girl at heart and can't survive too long without the bustle and variety it harbours.  Yes, I love my beach and country vacations and wish there was time for more of these, but when it comes to the crunch I love the frenetic pace, coffee stops, convenience and on-your-doorstep life more.  As long I can find myself a small garden with a big tree under which to rest, I'm happy.  From there life is good when you can retreat from the city to this sanctuary.  I often miss the time we spent in NYC and long to be back in a large northern hemisphere city.  These photos I took are a warm reminder of good times there, studying, visiting galleries, catching trains, driving the pontiac, walking the streets, negotiating the bread isle of the stop'nshop and sipping on starbucs.  City love.

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