Friday, February 24, 2012

rediscover pretoria

I was very excited to be asked to design the branding for this project by Matt Blackmore (what a guy with a great idea!).  To quote him "There is so much right in front of our eyes, in our own backyard that is waiting to be rediscovered. We have lived and grown up right here in the capital city, but how much of it do we go out and experience? Rediscover Pretoria dares us to go out and find the parts of our own city that are waiting for us to come and experience."  The images below are for the limited edition passports that will be given out to the group.   The stayed images of Paul Kruger and Chief Tshwane have been given a refresh, with a touch of humour, relevant to current day interests.  Now affectionately know as Oom Paul and Oom Tshwane.  Visit their Rediscover Pretoria's blog here to find out more.  Here's to rediscovery!


1 comment:

  1. I love the Re-discover Pretoria project. Funky design of Paul Kruger, and as for Chief Tshwane! What a riot! I hope you discover many lovely new places.
    As for the Barcelona Apartment - I could move in tomorrow. Just beautiful in that spare Spanish way.