Friday, February 10, 2012


Last weekend on a lazy Saturday morning gallery tour my eyes (and soul) were treated to the work of Jaco van den Heever.  This exhibition called Of Dreams and Nightmares, focuses on Johannesburg and its dynamic development over the past century, including the gritty realities of a big city.  I share my enthusiasm of this work with my friend at alive architecture, thanks for getting the pictures so that they can be shared!  The exhibition is currently on at Artspace in Parkwood, definitely a must-see.  Below are my favourites, with Vyfster 2 topping my list,  though unfortunately not within this months budget.  But at least its free to see them and dream a little. 

Vyfster 1
Vyfster 2
Vyfster 3
The reclaimers
The story of a corner shop

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