Thursday, February 2, 2012

white out

I love white, the more of it the better.  Walls, floors, furniture and landscapes filled in with great swathes of it.  I think it gives a building serenity and certainly takes discipline to use to the extent that they have below.  Despite how much I admire its cleanly glossy look, I am not certain I could spend everyday here.   I can imagine the client wearing only black and grey to compliment this set.  Built on a podium that gives privacy and focuses the views upwards towards the vast sky, it is removed from its immediate context.  The brief:  'To build a house for a poet. To make a house for dreaming, living and dying. A house in which to read, to write and to think'.  It would be interesting to read some of the works that are written within these walls.

Found via contemporist
Designed by Alberto Campo Baeza
Photos by Javier Callejas

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