Thursday, January 31, 2013


It's no secret that I am a HUGE fan of herringbone, be it floors, walls or textiles.  I am so excited that we are getting to do a herringbone floor on our new project.  I was on site this morning, to set it out.  While I can't wait to post pictures of the floor, all I can offer for the moment is a few pictures of the Parisian apartment of designers Gilles & Boissier, with a great herringbone floor.  Found via Afflante.  I'll share our version as soon as its laid.



  1. Am so excited to see it in all its glory, the instagrammed shot you took today got me wishing it was already Monday!

  2. Hysterical, how did I manage to post this same thing? ...and with out realizing thought I'd seen it on your blog then seeing it on Phils blog, gawd sorry hon. It is SOOOOO gorgeous!xxxxxx

  3. its so gorgeous it's worth seeing again and again x